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If you need a good back link to your site, you’ll have to take the time and actually write good content that is relevant, without stuffing links.

You’ll have to:

  • Focus on writing high quality content that actually educates the reader.
  • Link to your own website only when it is relevant and benefits the reader.
  • Link out to other sites, including your competitors, if it benefits the reader.


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4 thoughts on “Write for Us

  1. tom

    i was thinking of writing a guest post for your blog nut let me know if you are interested in health related articles and also how many back links you will allow me to add

  2. Alex K.


    I am writing on a behalf of Mr. Gouanou, the Founder & CEO of BEYOO ONLINE. I am approaching you with a suggestion to write down an article, talking about: What are the common mistakes businesses do in their internet strategy?

    Common mistakes companies do on social media. The DON’Ts. Case study of social media crisis.

    The article will cover all your diverse criteria’s of length and formatting for the different sections of the article.

    Should you have any questions or suggestions – do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards,

  3. Sarah Ward

    I would like to publish my article on your blog If you are accepting guest posts please let me know.


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