Why Putting QR Codes on buttons and magnets can Boost Your Advertising

One would like their business to grow by using different kinds of methods. One of the most simple and well appreciated methods of growing ones business is with the help of QR codes. QR codes are designed in such a way that it can be scanned by mobile phones like android and facilitate customers to pile up different kinds of information about products and people.

In order to attract people towards you business it is important that you choose a platform which will help you to reach to diverse sections of the society so that you can spread your branches extensively. One of the best marketing tools which will help you to increase your business effectively can be a fridge magnet or a button which attracts customers very swiftly. QR codes which are placed on the calendar magnets also help to share a marketer’s online profile with prospective clients. This type of advertising is user friendly and also very cost effective.

Let us see some ways why placing QR codes in magnets and buttons help to trigger advertising

  • Magnets are a very cost effective way to showcase your company as well as an individual profile
  • Once a magnet is posted on to your fridge it will stay there for long which makes it easier for people to know about the company and product you are advertising with the help of the code.
  • The magnet consisting of the QR code helps to guide people to different sites with the click of a button through your android phone which also includes important information such as the business logo, buttons that help to link to regular websites and special offers.
  • Buttons also help to trigger advertising because it helps your customer to connect to you conveniently. There are buttons known as tap to call us which will immediately take you to the page you are opting for.
  1. Refrigerator magnets work for a long time unlike other advertising

It has been noticed that refrigerator magnets helps to showcase your products for a long time unlike other methods of advertising. This can be hung onto any metal surface with your name and QR code inscribed in the same so it gives you a better opportunity over other competitors.

  1. They are a favorite with customers

Magnets are a favorite with a lot of customers. It is indeed a great marketing tool because customers view them as decorative, affordable, value adding and interesting tools which can be decorated as showpieces and also removed when required.

  1. From the Decorative aspect

Everyone loves a decorative piece of magnet. Magnets are a grand way to advertise business all over the year. A  QR code is actually very handy when it is printed on the magnets because if the onlooker has an access to an android or a smart phone they will definitely scan the QR code maker and have access instantly to your website.

  1. Why should a QR code be added to a magnet?

Since a magnet stays for a long time it is the best way to boost your advertisement as people keep on seeing the code repeatedly. If placed in the correct place, your product will go beyond the fridge and into people mobiles.

  1. Putting QR codes in button

Putting a QR code in a button is as important as putting it in a magnet. A good printer is required with good art which can be produced online. Decide which URL you would like to visit and inscribe the code in the button. You will be linked to the site at the click of an eye.

These are some of the ways in which a QR code on a magnet or a button will help you to boost your advertising.


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