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Tips to Protect a WordPress Site from Spam Using WordPress Plugins

Too much of irrelevant and unwanted content (or messages) on the blogs, usually called spam, throws huge threats to any websites or blog owners. Flood of spam content on any website retards the blog performance and almost consumes all your resources. Spam can attack your sites in the form of blog comment, ping backs, etc. So, inevitably combating the spam is the wise option to protect your website or blog, for its better performance. Most ecommerce platforms like WordPress come up with default protection parameters against this unpleasant spam attacks.  However, the default protections won’t work well all the times and it takes some added effects to safeguard your website completely from this vindictive spam content. This article is all about how to combat spam effectively and how to help your website stay spam-free and pleasant.

You can devise additional security measures for preventing your WordPress site from different kinds of spam using unique WordPress plugins. In fact, there are some exciting modules exclusively designed for this purpose. On installing them on your site, all your unnecessary troubles will be blown away like a speck of dust in hot wind.  Well, with said that, I don’t want you to hold on for a long time; so here I have compiled the spam and list of plugins for protecting your website.

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Comment Spam:

Generally, the comments posted in the blogs or websites, with vicious intentions of gaining back links, by miscreants are termed as comment spam. It is necessary to control this spam as it can possibly throw a greater threat in the near future. To combat this kind of spam utilize the following the extension.

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  • Spam Free WordPress:

It is the excellent choice for websites that experience mammoth traffic and immense spam attacks via comments. The powerful features like local IP block list for manual spam, 100% automated spam blocking, automatic deletion of comments marked as spam, zero false positives, etc. Powered with these features, it has the ability to bring even huge spam attacks under control efficiently. Enhance the SEO performance of your WP.

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These kinds of spam usually arise when automated software is used for commenting. It is yet another dirty trick that spoils the performance of most blogs or websites. Prevent your site from this threatening spam using the following plugin.

  • bcSpamBlock:

Best suited plugin for controlling the spam bots. The javascript-enabled feature and easy-to-use function helps most web owners to prevent their sites from most comment threats effectively.

  • ReCaptcha:

This is a best plugin for preventing spam send by robots. To ensure whether the comments are posted by human or robots, installing this plugin to your website is a must. It is one of the widely preferred and downloaded plugins for most WP websites.

ReCaptcha spam bot

Track back Spam:

Generally, the irrelevant ping backs coming into your website from a spam blog is termed as track back spam. A best plugin available to eliminate the troubles caused by this incorrigible spam is stated below.

  • Aksimet:

It is an interesting plugin as it performs numerous tests on the ping backs, once submitted to the post, and eliminates all kinds spam comments. In addition, it is a great plugin for the controlling the comment spam as well. It helps you save enormous time and money as

akismet comments spam filter

it performs dual function.


Email Spam:

Often called as electronic spam destroys your email account if gets unnoticed. The direct email messages to specific individuals from stolen internet mailing lists, scanning posts could stand as a potential threat to your website. It is a must to eliminate this spam.

  • EmailShroud 2.2:

This nifty plugin uses Javascript to filter the email addresses as most spammers don’t run Javascript while creating a spam email. It is extremely good for users that utilize browsers which don’t run Javascript on and this plugin provides the necessary protection against email spam effectively.

These are some of the common spam that most WordPress websites or blog owners experience. On making use of the incredible plugins discussed in this article, it becomes absolutely easy to protect your websites from the potential threats thrown by different spam.



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