Successful Verses Unsuccessful People

There are a lot of differences between successful people and unsuccessful people. Most of the differences come down to one thing: attitude. Your attitude can determine your success in most things. If you are determined to succeed and have a good attitude towards others then you are far more likely to be successful than someone who gives up easily and cannot work well with others. Here are some other differences between the two types of people:

Successful People:

  • Are grateful – They acknowledge the help they have gotten from others and are grateful for it. They do not have a lot of pride and think they have accomplished everything on their own. Even the most basic of successes is due to help from someone, in the past or in the present. Remember those who have helped you to accomplish your goals to be truly successful.
  • Complement others – People that are successful see success in others. Even a small complement can go a long way. Look for the good in other people and call it out when you see it. The more you encourage others the more you yourself will be encouraged.
  • Forgive – Forgive and forget, that is the way to a healthy life. Holding on to grudges and grievances hurts only you, not the person you are mad at. Learn to forgive, even when people do not ask for forgiveness and even when they do not stop hurting you. Holding on to pain makes it grow. Letting it go allows you to grow instead.
  • Accept responsibility for their failures – We all fail. It is what you do with failure that matters. You can accept failure, learn from it and grow or you can blame others and keep failing. Take the high road and accept that you are human and make mistakes. Just try your best to learn and not make the same mistake twice.
  • Express themselves – Part of growing and learning is expressing that growth. Art, writing, music or any other form of artistic and emotional expression s important. If you do not get it out you will stifle your creativity. Instead, make creativity a part of your life and learn to think in new ways.
  • Want others to be successful – Being successful is not about hiding your secrets. It is about sharing them. The more you give away the more you will get. A successful person wants others to be successful to.
  • Have a to-do list – I know a good list is what keeps me on track. Being organized and efficient with your time is just smart. Successful people want to make the most of their time and with that comes lists. Do not clutter your lists with lots of junk but prioritize and delegate for the best effect.
  • Set goals and have plans – Like I said, know what you want to do and what is important in life. Without goals you are like an archer that shoots without aiming. Your chances of hitting the target are nil. However if you have a goal and you keep your eye on it you will be successful. Both long and short term goals are important. Short term goals help you to accomplish one thing at a time and long term goals help to keep you on the track to success.
  • Keep learning –Even when you are out of school the learning should continue. From online classes to simply keeping your ears and eyes open, learning is a vital part of being successful. The difference between success over the long term and a steady decline is the amount you are willing to learn and grow.
  • Know change is inevitable –Change is a part of life. Why fight it? Instead, successful people plan for change. They know that change is growth and growth is the path to success. Do not fight change when it comes. Instead, find a way to use it to become more successful.
  • Be joyful – Happiness and joy are two different things. Happiness is fleeting, but joy lasts. Internal joy lasts through trials and tribulations. Have that inner joy in knowing that what you are doing is worthwhile and that you enjoy doing what you do. Joy will come out in what you do, making you more successful and someone that others want to be around.
  • Share – As the teachers try to drill into us starting in kindergarten, share! Successful people know that sharing does not take away anything. In fact, sharing is the best way to come up with new ideas, improve old ones, and reach your goals. Help others and help yourself by sharing information, data, and innovation.
  • Talk – Along with sharing the physical, share the mental. Talking to others is a great way to hone your own ideas and skills. Work it all out verbally and take criticism when it comes. Improvement can only be made after testing. Share your thoughts and learn from others.
  • Read – Readers are leaders. By reading you are constantly learning and growing. No one wants to reinvent the wheel when they can be designing the car. Do not put more on yourself by remaining in ignorance. Reading, even fiction, can give you new ideas, open your eyes to new possibilities and make you are more successful person.
  • Give others credit – Share the credit. You did not do it on your own. The better you treat others the better you will be treated. As they say, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By sharing the credit, or simply giving credit where credit is due, you become the kind of person that others want to work with again.

Unsuccessful People:

  • Criticize – No one wants to be around a critical person. It is one thing to offer supportive suggestions, but it is another thing to be harsh and critical.
  • Hold a grudge – Forgive and forget is not something they do. Instead they let minor issues turn into major ones and make everyone miserable with their griping and complaining.
  • Blame others for failures – It is never their fault. Instead they blame those around them, making them someone no one wants to work with.
  • Keep it all in – Instead of expressing themselves and being creative they are miserly with their creativity, letting it waste away and making them bitter, small people.
  • Know everything –They do not try to keep learning and growing. Instead they think they have all the knowledge they need and are quick to point out your failures and ‘wrong thinking’. Eventually they get left behind and do not even know it.
  • Do not set goals – They shoot at everything and miss every time. Working without a goal means they put forth a lot of effort for very little result.
  • Are angry –Bitter from grudges, lonely from pushing others away, the unsuccessful person has an aura of anger and malice that pushes others even further away.
  • Do not share – Selfish with their ideas they do not believe in sharing and growing. Instead they keep their ideas small and secret.
  • Do not plan –Flying by the seat of their pants is the way they live. However that kind of thinking gets them in trouble, has them forget things, and makes everyone’s life harder.
  • Fear change –Change is coming and they won’t have it. They dig in their heels and refuse to go along with it and are therefore left behind.
  • Take all the credit –No matter what others do for them, they will never share the credit, fearing their own work will go unnoticed. That is a good way to work alone.
  • Have a sense of entitlement – They deserve everything, no matter how little they actually accomplish. Their sense of entitlement makes it less likely for them to get anything, but they do not seem to realize it.

As you can see, attitude is what makes the difference between success and failure. Keep a good attitude be someone who shares credit and ideas, and be a team worker. That is the way to get ahead and be successful.


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