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Settling In The Revolution Samsung Galaxy S4

Almost six years ago, a revolutionary invention came into being, and like the Titanic which was made to be unsinkable, this legendary device was created with a belief that its technology was unmatchable. With its initial fame and immense progress within its very first year of release, the Iphone was believed to have little if any competition at all over the next few decades. However, over the years, Samsung had been able to, not only challenge this ever famous piece of technology but also overpower it more than once, as the famous Steve Jobs quotation goes, “The ones crazy enough to think they can possibly change the world are usually the ones who do.” Samsung smart phones have gained ground with a belief that they can bring about a bigger revolution than even the Iphone. With every gadget that Samsung produces, it aims to attract a whole new audience, while satisfying its original fans by bringing innovative and exclusive new designs and technologies. And with the all new Samsung S4, its aims are no different.

samsung s4 image

Mega Samsung Smart Phones

The mega Samsung smart phones popularity among audiences of all ages is probably an irrefutable fact. Shortly after the release of the first Samsung smart phone in the Galaxy series, the S1, the audience eagerly anticipated the arrival of the S2, which had been rumored to be packed with all sorts of epic new features. Much like the legendary ‘Harry Potter’ novels, the number of Samsung Galaxy fans kept on increasing infinitely all over the world, as the first three phones in the series were released one after the other. These three pieces of technology were met by an audience greater in number than any iphone fan following in the world.

Aiming to Raise Level to Maximum

With the impatience of the eager fans reaching an all time peak, it is necessary to feed them some rumored details of the new Samsung galaxy smart phone, the S4. Aiming to raise the level of the user’s convenience to a maximum, the S4 comes with a wireless charging dock. To aid this dock, the mobile body will be accompanied by a charging cover. The two units will together function to charge the phone wireless. Another addition to the S4 feature package is that of a flexible display screen. The screen is expected to have a plastic build which will assist the bending and folding of the display screen. Whatever purpose this flexibility could serve, the idea is certainly intriguing. Also, playing along the trend of larger screens for smart phones, S4 is going to have a 5-ish inch screen display, along with higher pixel intensity, and thus, a sharper resolution.

Highlight Feature List

Here ends the highlight feature list for now. But it is a safe bet to say that Samsung galaxy S4 is bringing much more to the table. Rumors and announcements apart, the real beauty of the gadget will be witnessed upon its arrival. For the release, April and May have been the estimated time periods. So it might be useless to jump upon conclusions, for all we know, Samsung might end up disappointing its customers, or on the other hand, it might as well be putting the one phone in their hands, that they had been dreaming of.


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  1. Ricky Martin

    S4 is totally going to blow all the other smartphones, considering the awesome technology of wirless charging dock that you mentioned. Thanks Ryan for this info.


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