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Save your time and money via e-signature

The digital era has turned this world of distances into a global village. Snail mail has gone out of fashion as email has replaced it in many ways. With the advent of email and digital documents, e-signature has also become popular. The term e-signature is interchangeably used as electronic signature, esign, online signature or digital signature. It is actually meant to be an act of signing your initials in an electronic form. It makes it easy and efficient to sign digital documents online through electronic signature software.

E-signature software

E signature refers to a person’s intent to agree up on the contents of a contract or a legal digital document. It is authentic and secure as it is encrypted digitally and also legally compulsory for business documents according to USES and NCA.Using the trusted procedure of e-sign and digital documents you can improve your business processes by saving cost and time.

E-signature software provides you a way to sign legally binding digital documents. You can upload pdf or .doc files, get those documents signed and send them to the recipients. It provides security and confirms the validity for your documents. Now-a-days, electronic signature software is used by many small and large businesses all over the world, making business processes speedy and smooth.

Save Time

Small business and companies situated far across the borders need to have instant communication with their clients (especially B2B) and email is the best solution used worldwide. Similarly, when business documents are to be attested and delivered quickly, then e signature is most vital. The paper documents/contracts take a lot of time in preparation, printing and getting signed by the authorities, as the paper files keep lurking on the desk for days, while the digital signature method takes only a few minutes to get signed and sent to the other party.

For instance, a yarn export business depends on clients demands and if it takes days to negotiate a contract, and shipping the documents, then production will also be delayed. You can prepare any kind of digital documents and there is no need to waste time in printing and binding, you only have to email the file to your client. It becomes easier for your client as well, to sign the deal in a few clicks using e-signature. In this way you have more time to negotiate with other clients and cater their needs efficiently.

Save Money

There is no paper work needed for digital documents and e-signature process, so there is a straightforward cut in your paper buying cost, storage and handling cost as well as disposal cost. Once the paper is diminished, you can also save on printing, photocopying and scanning costs. Moreover, the delivery costs such as mail, postage, courier, fax and shipping costs are also cut down. These costs might seem minor, but summing up all will make an obvious amount.


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