PSD to WordPress Conversion: Tips to Build an Effective Website

With growing edge of web-technology, transforming a Photoshop design into an effective and fully-functional website has earned more popularity. By comprehending its significance almost every webmaster or site owner puts PSD to WordPress Conversion at the top on the priority. Moreover, this exclusive method of developing a WordPress website ensures varieties of benefits over other websites backed by other CMS rather than of WordPress. It is widely known for developing a fully-functional, error-free and user-interface website along with utmost benefits.

WordPress is an excellent globally recognized open-source CMS (Content Management System) available free to download and install. Following are some of the highlights of WordPress that tends every site owner even who are not well-versed with WordPress to adopt the practice of PSD to WordPress Conversion while developing a website for their organization.

  • It is very convenient to use and cost efficient as it can be downloaded and installed free of cost to integrate into a website.
  • WordPress offers easy and convenient content handling subject to editing, deleting, uploading, publishing content without any need of technical skills and expertise.
  • Provide an extra level of customization for site designing and development in full swing. It means that users can embed desired theme, functionalities and plug-ins of their own choice.

Basically, the procedure of converting a Photoshop design into WordPress towards developing a tempting and functional website is the most confounding task in PSD to WordPress Conversion. Therefore, consulting a leading web development company like will be a good practice to render a WordPress site more appealing and engaging for visitors. Though, among varieties of other companies a person can select other WordPress service provider according to their flexibilities, needs and requirements.

Unlike the easy handling of web content, it is more confounding to head towards PSD to WordPress Conversion which includes a number of steps. So, in order to retain the excellence, performance and smooth operation of the site, it is suggested to hire WordPress developer. The bits provided below are some common processes implemented by developers to convert PSD into WordPress.

  • The first step in the process of PSD to WordPress conversion is the analyzing and checking compatibility of PSD file aptly. The designers/developers also check the content and format of PSD files.
  • The next step involved is the conversion of file into HTML format. It demands great care while transcribing into coding as an original file break down into HTML codes and tags are then added as per the requirements.
  • Once the conversion of Photoshop design file is converted into HTML format, the file gets integrated with markup.
  • In order to make entire segments suitable with the WordPress theme, the Photoshop design file goes under slicing process.
  • Once the design files get sliced into segments, separate files with different names are created in order to make a firm file structure.
  • Now, the WordPress Developer converts PSD files into HTML/CSS format.
  • The files are now getting integrated with the WordPress theme followed by conversion into HTML or CSS format.
  • Finally, it goes under web-browser testing to ensure the precise and fully-functional PSD to WordPress conversion.

Apart from this, there are other valuable aspects too, which not only contribute to bring WordPress conversion into practice but also provide exclusive benefits at the utmost level to popularize your brand and boost your business. Listed below are some of the marked features of PSD to WordPress Conversion –

  • Search Engine Optimized Code
  • Hand coded, W3C validated WordPress Theme
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Supported by multiple operating system
  • Provide Semantic Code
  • Spam Protection
  • Smooth Accessibility
  • Pixel Precise Design
  • Blogs Posting and much more.

Thus, practicing PSD to WordPress Conversion towards development of a functional and effective website backed with amazing look and feel will be literally the best option. It provides entire flexibilities for users, site owners or webmasters to procure the site in the same way as they crave to desire. It would be also beneficial and fruitful for those who are not well versed with WordPress or have a little knowledge about.

Inspiring Examples Of Top 10 Home Page Designs Of 2014

The home page is an initial chance to get visitor’s attention and make a good impression about your website. The moment, visitor arrives your site, he must be able to find what exactly he is looking for. First of all, define the purpose of your site that will help you learn what is going to attract the users towards your website.

Learn To Attract Audience Through A Tempting Yet Effective Home Page

Obviously, your website’s purpose is different from the topic of the site. The main purpose of an effective home page is to showcase your work and impress the potential audience. Therefore, the home page should display thumbnails of portfolio in an attractive manner that will entice visitors to check out more pages. Ultimately, this leads to more clients and more customers, but it is essential to identify your concrete goals, so that you can figure out how to design your front-page layout.

The home page is what leaves a good or a bad impression about your site on visitor’s mind and thus, can affect their decision of returning to it. You must be able to answer a few imperative questions like the purpose of site, how it can benefit the people, etc. So, if you fail to answer such important questions, you cannot expect repeat visits or even staying time beyond a few seconds.

Cast A Glance Over A Few Intriguing Examples Of Fascinating Home Page Designs



Eighty8four is one of the best examples of modern home page design with a great headline “A Perfect Fit” that allures visitors and raises curiosity among them to know more. Strong Call-To-Action for “Contact Us” & “Learn More” at the front page signifies that they really want to hear from you as well as want you to know more about them.



One on the best WordPress service providers, Themify has beautifully showcased its work and services on the front page. To get inspired, you can go through its client testimonials that have been displayed at the home page. This elegantly designed site is a great example of top home pages.

MFG labs

MFG labs

This simple yet beautiful home page has a perfect combination of white content over dark background. The incredible visual effects attract the visitor’s attention and create eagerness to learn more.

Life Church welcomes everyone, every visitor to their site without any bias. The beautifully designed site with the perfect color, contrast displays, everything neatly along with strong Call-To-Action.



The company recognizes the importance of displaying, who they are and what they do in the most effective way. They have wonderfully included the images and videos to showcase their work environment and brilliant services that they provide.

Hungarian Wine Society

Hungarian Wine

The Hungarian Wine Society is a great destination for wine lovers. It wonderfully covers all the aspects related to wine from information based on wine making to selling various kinds of wines. Also, they have ingeniously showcased their free delivery service that captures the visitors’ attention at first sight.

Johan Reinhold – Shoot Me Down Website Design

Johan Reinhold

The official site of Shoot Me Down probably wins due to the simplest yet attractive design. You can choose to listen or download mp3 according to your wish, the path is clearly shown through the arrows that take you to the respective directions.

Desk is a beautiful example of simple, yet interesting home page with a great screen shot of the product. They have included a form directly on the front page to get started with the free trial.


Good data

GoodData has an extremely modern web design with clear Call-To-action. The images make visitors understand how their products fit perfectly into their daily needs. The visual effects have been utilized in a great way to attract the audience.


E Wedding

eWedding is a perfect destination for the couples to build their custom wedding site. The home page is neatly designed, displaying all the necessary elements. Incredible product visuals, excellent Call-To-Action and a great headline have been included beautifully.

It is wiser to know that who your visitors are and why they often visit your site. The best thing,you can do is by helping them achieve their goals quickly, giving them reasons to return to your site. Home pages should not be hard to design or choosing the content that should be on the front-page.

Web to Print: Demand of New Age People and Competitive Business Growth

For business, it is a crucial task to survive in the today’s competitive market with reputed position. In fact, customers are more choosy these days and this is the reason that there is a cutthroat competition in the business world. They have numerous options to run your business with a speed that is much harder. It is vital to find the best ways to stay ahead of your competition, while doing this, you can cater your customers a new life. Meanwhile, you need to apply effective methodologies to generate leads and keep increase the sales figure.

Thanks to all those customers, who support web-to-print business. To get an achievement in the business and impress niche audience, this business is really effective. You don’t even have to drain your limited resources or flex your muscles too much to get at the point of exhaustion. All you need to do is get smarter and know the requirements of your potential customers. In essence, you can delight customers with some innovations and keen ideas implementation.

Yet, printing industry is in turmoil, but everything is not lost. It has an optimum crowd at present as well. According to the search of “National Association of Printing Leadership” (NAPL), there are 31,000+ printing establishments across the globe. And, I talk about other publishers and copy shops, the total is close to the 40,000. The revenue of U.S printing industry is $230 billion and of all the categories in printing, web printing makes around 1.39% of the total revenues. It means that printing is still in demand apart from few twists that have to be ignored out. The “web to print” is too profitable and ripe for the printing service providers or vendors.

The wide array of opportunities a printing business provides and here is some guidelines of how you can turn the tables around:

 Recognize what is the current demand of “Internet Age” people

 Heavy demand of things for printing services are:

  • Printers

  • Technology

  • Stock of papers/cards

  • Ink

  • Special equipments for printing

After investing on such magnitude, it is imperative for everyone to plug technology in. You have a need to generate sales to ensure the profit of business. In the internet age, new kind of customers love to see your final print products or outcome in action. So, focus to display some of your innovative and finished designs to get appreciation for. The use of videos with your print products could help you visualize your products. Choose some video montage related to the creative portfolio and add with your final product.

Add DIY component into your printing business

component into your printing busines

The internet is now enabled to let your customers create their own design without the help of any designer. Similarly, most of the customers love to reach online store of garments, which let them input data and get the measurable data as per their needs, before buying. Customer like options to click and choose. In web-to-print, an added value will be amounted by the final rendition to the customers. They want to dabble with their own creativity to design own products and this software works really well to fulfill your specific needs.

Select Online Marketing Places to Sell

Online Marketing Places to Sell

In the competitive digital world, there is a huge demand of print designs for brochures, business cards, labels, t-shirt, sportswear, jewellery, and many other print elements online. Thousand of print designs are sold every day in the marketplace through many vendors.

Thus, upload your finish items to sale over the most online marketplaces such as Creative Market, Graphic River, etc. Once you upload items with screen shots, then customers can purchase directly online.

Sell on website your own product

Sell on website your own product

Through some web to print software, you will get many options for letting customers to design their marketing material or other print items and purchase innovatively designed items jut right off your website.

Of course, your business would operate like another eCommerce store. So, go for paid campaign in order to expand your online visibility on social media, provide unique content that gains a sense of trust in the customers’ mind.


The world of print has become changed with the advanced technologies and web. If you have printing business, then it’s a time to understand new age demand and deliver optimum result to expand your own business over the web.

Top 10 Websites Having Exclusive and Creative Navigation

A website is called the personality of a business, therefore it should be designed in a way that it can stand out of the crowd. Navigation is certainly one of the most crucial aspects to boast the website designs and attract target visitors. Traditionally, navigation menus used to be placed on both sides or one side on the top. But, certain changes are being noticed these days. Today, business owners work to improve the personality of their website with better navigation (it might be simple or some sprucing up is done to get better results). The following websites design will live up to the mark of the business people expectations of great navigation designs, take a look at sites that set up an example for great landing page:

Westin Finds

Westin Finds

The landing page of this website consists of a full screen background slide show containing beautiful images of different destinations as well as a text box at the center of the screen . It is easy for the visitors to look for great places to visit near their hotel. At the bottom, there is a search bar, which comes with a navigation menu after making a click on it, This appears to be unique as well as creative navigation style.



Every visitor wants to gather information about the company, its products or services, contact details and ordering procedure. The navigational design on this website is worth to take a look as it is unique in appearance, but explains all the relevant information in the simplest way possible.

Carbon Studio

Carbon Studio

This is definitely an example of an unusual navigation. The visitors are supposed to choose the categories and drag and drop them into the center of the bubble. It is truly a creatively designed navigation.



The navigation menu of this website is an ideal representation of exclusiveness. It is because the visitors are just required to make a click to access any information about the websites. Navigation is available on the top as well as the bottom of the website.



The website is not based on the conventional boxy landing page layout as separate sections have been set up to explain every service in detail. The home page is enough to offer an idea regarding the offered services.

Studio Stemmler

Studio Stemmler

This is a kind of website, which takes the entire home page for the navigation purpose. It is defined as a retro approach to use a table-style layout with the prime categories. It is done above the columns of the squares that have sub-categories. Each of the square appears with a little glow on the mouseover.

Section Seven

Section Seven

It offers an inspiring landing page ideas as it is filled with multi-colored columns and these column rotate after it loads completely. Then, it appears with the cover of a book, which has a small open button below side. Simply put, it is a distinct navigation page, which is embellished with unique navigation style.



Visitors are likely to stay on a website that is not confusing and easy to comprehend. This website is enriched with a perfect navigation, which is interactive enough to make the visitors feel involved. The information of the offered services has been detailed wonderfully.

65 Media

65 Media

This is another website, which uses the home page for landing page. But, you may also end up in devoting a lot of time as every little change results in different colors on the page.

Oz Consignments

Oz Consignments

It can be defined as an ideal example of the simple navigation style, but it has been presented in a creative way. The pictures hanging on the wall are actually the navigational links. This is why they turn out to be an indispensable part of the overall picture. These days, it is among the most unusual landing page styles.

Final Words

After visiting some of the above-mentioned websites, you will definitely get some ideas to build an inspiring landing page. Make sure that the personality of your website should not be at stake just for the sake of building a wonderful navigation page. Thus, you should strike a balance between all the factors that contribute in a website’s personality.

How To Increase Website Loading Times For SEO

SEO is one of the best ways that you can move forward with internet marketing. However, there are a few things that many marketers end up dealing with that are outside of the realms of this optimized strategy. Slow loading pages will derail your marketing campaigns fast. No matter how much you pay for SEM, or how hard you work at SEO, things can easily unravel. If you aren’t careful, your pages could start to end up being detrimental and within a few weeks disappear from the search results. Many websites today are suffering from this problem, and there seems to be no end in sight. Some pages even make the fatal mistake of leaving their HTML pages titled, “Untitled Document”. This crucial piece of information is necessary for detailing what your pages are about and could make or break your strategy for monetization and traffic.


There are definitely a few ways that you can help your cause and make sure that you’re getting attention on the web. If you take a little bit of time to learn how to increase website loading times for SEO, than you will definitely gain results. It’s all a matter of taking time to step back and follow through on a few steps.

Take an Assessment

First and foremost, you will want to take a look at your website from the perspective of the end user. Delete your cookies, and temporary internet files. Visit your page and take note of how fast the pages are loading. Check a lot of pages and then go to the home page often. Once you have measured the time, go to another web browser and do the same. Test it in your top 3 browsers and even on your tablet and mobile phone. Do not leave any stone unturned, and write down the times. If they are slow, or seem buggy, then it’s time to go to work to improve. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, people will leave. Do not allow this to happen without a fight.

Start Tightening Up The Code

The first thing that you need to do is look at the code. Look to see if you see any rogue lines, or lots of contextual structure that doesn’t fit the needs that you have. If you aren’t familiar with the code that makes your site work, don’t panic. Speak with your designer or locate someone that can help you with this project. If you are running a blogging platform, make sure to plug and unplug your plugins. Test the site loading speed and loading time of your pages with the plugins on and off and see if they are causing the damage. You’ll be surprised how a faulty plugin could completely ruin your loading times.

Reformat All Images

One of the best ways to ensure that your pages are loading at optimal levels is to look into optimizing your images. No matter where you are getting your images, make sure that you scale them down to size, and do not use code to do this. Get a file editing software and scale your images to a size that you’d like, and make sure the settings are at 72DPI. Do not upload images at 300DPI or try to scale images that are very large to fit your site. Always make sure that you are working with images that are cropped, saved as smaller files, and are not heavy in size. There are a lot of programs that you can utilize to help you with this, so make sure that you take advantage of them. The reason you don’t want to scale images with programming language is because the image size will still remain a huge download on your site. The only way to change this is to do so at the root level with a software.

Do Not Copy and Paste From Word Processing Software

Mistakes are often times inadvertent when it comes to blogging and editing website content. One big mistake that people make is in regards to copying and pasting documents to their site. It’s easy to go to your word processing software and copying text. The problem with this is that you will have to deal with the code structure of the page. Copy your content and paste it into your site or blog normally. Then look at the HTML version of that post. You will see that the Unicode structure may be there. That extra code will cause havoc with your load times. Copy and paste only in non-formatted text.

Lastly, make sure that you don’t embed too many videos. Loading videos causes web pages to really struggle, so look at a different way to add these to your site.

Is the iPhone still lead the way in 2013?

The Apple iPhone is a big part of the mobile phone, since the first iPhone was launched in 2007 the market. Since then, they had been very unique in terms of design and usability, till year 2012, when Samsung Galaxy S3 came in the market from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S3 uniqueness really attracted lot of people around the world, hence did disturbed Apple market share in the market. 

It was the year 2012 release, Samsung brought unique smartphone in the market, and helped brand awareness worldwide. Samsung’s fame was partly due to the ongoing legal battles over patents between Apple designs, which resulted in a great deal of press coverage in 2012, and which did also affected mobile app development Dubai market and all over the world.

Since early 2012, we have seen an increase in the level of new smartphones, in the market that were not introduced in the market, many of which are similar to the iPhone design. In this article we have shortlisted the best smartphone in the market to help us decide about is Apple losing the grip in the market terms of introducing smart and innovative smartphone in the market. The Smartphones are as follows:

BlackBerry Z10

This was the phone which did sparked a lot of debate in late 2012 and early 2013, mainly because the phone looks like the fifth iPhone BlackBerry.  But later in the conference, which was in late January of 2013, we did saw many more features for the Z10 and BlackBerry 10 operating system

This was mainly a BlackBerry make or breaks the phone and to be honest, initial reviews of the properties and listeners themselves are very good.  According to recent figures, It is already the best-selling phone in Canada.


There are so many mobile phone manufacturers, who know who to make-or-nothing, and make the amount of breakage or cell phones in the market, which is becoming increasingly competitive now a day. The HTC One introduced by HTC in February 2013, and also this is a great phone with some high specification components and unique designs.

It runs the awesome HTC Snapdragon processor 600, which is considered as one the most durable processor in the smartphone, as it accelerates a range of applications and allows better multitasking capabilities. It also have a nice big screen to work, for some it is a unique part of their life and for some it has something different which Apple doesn’t possess .


Google Nexus 4

When it comes to Google, they have their fingers in some cakes, and did came up with joint venture with LG  in which they did tried to came up with unique looks and specifications like Apple iPhone. The phone was launched in the last quarter of 2012 for life and no doubt it did gained lot of respect in Google lovers. The smartphone do possess high specifications such as 1280 x 768 screen resolutions and NFC, but falls below par with its 8 megapixel camera, if you are comparing it against other contenders for the crown.

Samsung Galaxy S4

There were few Smartphones which did rocked the market for long time and did came up with something new which was not present in iPhone. Looking back Apple was enjoying lot of profit due to its uniqueness but the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S4 did heart Apple share in the market. It did came up with higher specification and designs and Snapdragon processor with 600 speed and unique applications that require something powerful to run.

In terms of screen size , It has 5-inch display and full HD support edge -edge , the camera is also a force to be reckoned, It awesome 13 MP camera did catches lot of eyes attraction in the market and did managed to get lot of share in the market..

iPhone 5

Apple did lose of share in recent years but as a brand but it still holds a strong position in the market. Sure, it has some bad points, but the introduction iPhone 5s was quite different, Apple did covered, lot of its weaknesses that was present in the previous smartphones. iPhone 5 was something different with lot of new features but as per recent figures it didn’t disturbed Android share in the market.

For me , in terms of usability and design of the Apple iPhone wins hands , but you cannot  move forward without noticing Samsung Galaxy S4 has that has the best features and looks .

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How to Properly Present Your Graphic Work to The Public

As graphic designers take different flavors, such as people with letters, colors, pattern, images, information, work, having to create everything from logos book covers reports of tickets and much more. Most of the work is now done on computers with multimedia software packages. For a graphic designer needs creativity, originality and good computer skills.

Skills Required:

These types of skills every graphic designer must mean that:

  • Originality and flexibility
  • Good visual sense
  • Computer Skills
  • Trust professional skills and a good team
  • The new interest in graphics and design software


Graphic designers are used in many areas of design. Some of the study area includes:

  • illustration
  • animation
  • engraving
  • Textile design
  • Information and Interaction Design

Skills required to be shown in Work:

Worldwide, there are about 40,000 companies. About 185,000 people in dealing directly with it there are many agencies who do the work for their clients, while many large organizations.

Here are some of the ways in which a graphic designer can use their skills to show to the public:

Visual Problem Solution:

All graphic designers are visual problem solvers. For example, a company logo is the face of the company. There are many art directors, people who hire good knowledge of logo design, so it is very important that every graphic designer must have some good example of logos in your portfolio for web designing that will showcase their skills for solving visual problems.

Creativity under pressure: Graphic designers have to offer many design within the constraints of limited time. This requires them to be as creative and flexible as possible. It is important that they show several variations of your work in your portfolio and also about the time that these projects that reflect how fast they can choose a design would make your own done.

Social skills:

You should have good interpersonal skills. They should be both a good listener and a good communicator, so they build a good relationship with people. And it would also help you in maintaining a good mutual respect. Co – workers you would like to have on your team and clients you would like in your account.


 Every graphic designer should pay attention to every detail and should be proud of their work they have done .Go to the interview with a portfolio clean and organized. The samples must be clean and undamaged. Parts of the portfolio must be clear so that they can be easily understood.

Be full of energy during the presentation of the portfolio and show confidence and are proud of the work. You see and hear others say, except in his own country .These are some of the skills that should have been a graphic designer and these are the ways in which to show them the skills. It is very important for a successful graphic designer to have all these skills.

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Improve your Web Designing Skills

WordPress CMS: A versatile platform for Tech Bloggers

WordPress is easy to use and powerful blogging platform, as we all know. There is no reason for anyone to hate this awesome CMS platform, even stats also shows that more than half of the website runs on WordPress in entire CMS based website across the world. A recent study shows that more than 50 millions blogs are powered by WordPress; this is a huge and reflects the success of this giant CMS platform among web designers and developers. There are several Top tech blog as well which runs on WordPress platform.

WordPress is Freewordpress ROI

The main reason of why WordPress becoming so popular in no time is; it is free to use (WordPress is free open source content management system). WordPress community is growing day by day; thousands of hands are contributing to push WordPress forward. You don’t have to spend a single buck in purchasing a software license.

Easy To use

You don’t need to have any programming knowledge of PHP, HTML. WordPress is easy to install, thus, you can easily create new pages and posts. WordPress CMS allows user to manage the content in structured environment.

No Editing Software Required

As WordPress is content management system, you do not need any software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop or any HTML editor and FTP software. Just visit the WP login page to add new page, new post format text, upload images, etc.

Inexpensive to Run WordPress Website

There are plenty of free WordPress themes and plugins available these days, but at some point free themes and plugins do not provide all the features which are imperative for a website. You can easily find thousands of clones of such free themes and plugins. Moreover, there are many premium responsive WordPress themes available on sites such as Themeforest, Themefuse for between $10 – $55 which you can use for you business or blogging website.


A website is useless, if it is not SEO optimized. However, on-page SEO optimization is one the most important part for any website as it includes several elements like your clean code, structure of your website etc. WordPress website has clean and simple code. Pages and post have their own meta-tags which you can add by several best SEO meta-plugins such as All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Search engine loves website having neat and clean code with easy navigation. It is also noteworthy that almost all WordPress themes have clean code and they are easy to use.

Social Media Sharing Capability

One can easily integrate social networking elements including Facebook, twitter, Pinterest without many difficulties. “AddThis” social sharing is a plugin which serves the best option within a WordPress blog that helps bloggers to take advantage of descent traffic from the social media sites.


If you are a blogger then WordPress CMS is heaven for you because it is free, easy to use an also there is a plethora of free WordPress themes and plugins that can be availed. If you find any difficulty in tackling this CMS, then no need to worry; there are numerous WordPress tips available online which can help you a lot.

How to Simplify Your Website Design

Using loud colors, large-format graphics and Information overload when modifying your website are not helpful at all. Believe it or not, overly exaggerated website design can make your website look complicated and confusing. However, the key to hook Internet users on your site is by making your design simple and useful.
How should your website look like?

A good website has simple design, readable text, information rich and User friendly. You don’t need to pattern your website on the websites of prestigious companies, especially if you have limited means. All you need to do is reduce the irrelevant elements of your site and simplify your website design.
How to Create a Useful Website with Perfect Design

Place only the relevant Elements on your website

With their effort to improve their site, most developers peppered the website with details that are sometimes unimportant. As a result, Internet surfer’s experiences navigation confusion which makes them jump from your website to another.

Just like in an art piece, in order to emphasize the main element the artist needs to highlight it while it keeps everything simple to make it stand out. The same applies when you create a professional look design for your website. Focus only on the essential details and keep the rest low-keyed.

Minimize Destruction’s

A website design that has too much elements and irrelevant link can be really bad for your business. For example, If the Internet surfers need to do multiple call to action and if your site has too many links to choose from, it could distract the surfers and instead of focusing on the information found on your site, they might spend their time figuring out what to click and where to go. In return, the surfer might lose interest in what you offer.
To resolve this, you can also use the 80-20 rule as a guide. The 80-20 rule states that you should focus in displaying 20% of the elements that offer 80% usefulness on the site. This will allow room for more relevant content and reduce distraction.

Trim the page count

Should you really have a separate page to introduce yourself and your site? If the answer is no, then it is highly recommended that you get rid of the excess pages that have no use on your website. It would save your visitors from going back and forth to see two contents that can be placed on a single page.

Limit your Color Scheme

You may think that using too many colors on your site can make it look good. The truth is, filling your website with rainbow colors can be very painful to the eyes. Hence, you need to use at least 2-3 colors to keep your site clean and simple.

Here are the useful tips that you can follow to create a website that offers more information than design and fillers. By keeping it simple, you can make your business look precise, straightforward and trustworthy.

6 Reasons to Induce You to Go for Yii Development

PHP is a highly revered programming framework adopted by a cluster of development companies and developers. Reason? Simple enough. It lets them create software applications that have no equal and that perch their business way, way ahead of their market adversaries.

And when we dig a little deep, our attention is pulled towards the fact that PHP consists of several incredible frameworks. Among all these, Yii is hands-down the most useful, and thereby the most popular of frameworks. The amazing elasticity and suppleness it comes equipped with makes it one platform to reckon with for developers all across the world. Yii justifies all the buzz around it, as there is way too much going in its direction.

If you are looking to plunge into software development, here are few reasons for you to opt for Yii:

  • The Source Code Can Be Understood and Learned Easily!

For those about to step into the programming world, the prospect of writing programs is always met with apprehensions galore. They can’t be really blamed since writing programs is one exercise that requires not only great knowledge of the codes, but also immense level of concentration when you are trying to create logics for the program. Now, that concentration is broken when in the first place, you aren’t able to decipher the code structure. The loops of programming catch up with you, as you grapple with them and wrangle your way to create a program.

Not the same can be said about Yii however. This amazingly resourceful PHP framework comes with a source code that is comprehensible to those with minimal knowledge of programming. And for those seeking to learn it, the source code gives them enough room to spread their limbs and learn PHP with in sort of a laidback approach that lets them take a unique approach to learning and doesn’t give them jitters at crucial situations..

  • Documentation that is No-Holds-Barred

Ask any expert software developer and he/she would tell you how high they rate the documentation aspects in programming. They like their framework to give them enough scope for elaborative documentation and that is exactly what Yii does. The documentation is more than adequate and there are several APIs you are given free access to.

  • Tailor it As You Want, When You Want

The customization capability of any tool is a significant measure of its usefulness, and Yii Is no different (particularly for being such an essential part o the programming verse). Yii Framework Development lets you play around with your code whenever you wish to do so, without tinkering even a bit with the configuration files. You can download the client’s varied requirements and implement the same to your code without worrying much really. The customization features of this framework are what truly perch it ahead of other PHP frameworks which aren’t as customizable as Yii.

  • Suite of Extensions and Libraries

Like a typical PHP framework, Yii doesn’t fall short of innumerable library scripts and extensions that let you aim for bigger, better and richer functionalities. These extensions are amazingly detailed and let you take 10 steps greater than your previous projects. These extensions actually end up cutting off the total software development time as the developers have some less features to contend with – not because the features are reduced in number, but because only by installing these extensions you include all those, without adding a line of code. This further leads to decreased scope of you making errors in the project, as is a common occurrence with any software program.

  • Upright Security

They find it a hard nut to crack, the hackers. Yii is equipped with highly stout and solid security features that do not let any access unless one is authorized to do so. Hence, the illegitimate access is kept at bay as there is a strong shield covering your programs and applications. This feature is extremely essential since the scenario of your application being hacked has serious repercussions. Yii makes sure that you the applications you create do not need to be revisited, or redeveloped which otherwise may have to be done once they are intercepted (In most cases however, even revisiting them would hardly serve a purpose)

  • Community of Developers

Because of its popularity, Yii boasts of a number of developer communities that are packed with developers of all experience and skill sets. Whether you choose novices for your project, or only the most expert ones, you have your choice here. There is much to choose from in these communities, and little to reject. Even if there is a huge crowd of beginners in certain forums and communities, you are provided an insightful and intuitive way to scan them out. Filtering good quality from average quality programmers is pretty easy in these communities as you have access to expansive portfolios. The portfolios of developers describe in detail their experience levels, and the kind of projects they have worked upon. The forums also consist of several question and answer sessions where the developers participate and give put their answers. It is also a nice way to judge someone’s expertise.

Finding the Yii developers is a matter of research. While you can look for them in the communities, the traditional ways of recruiting them would also solve the purpose just right. As far as I know, you have the luxury of choosing from a sea of developers if you choose to go the traditional way of hiring PHP developers. Any ad in news papers or online job portals will land a cluster of developers at your doorstep. Although, you would definitely need a true, blue HR department to sort them out and choose the most suitable developers for your enterprise. And if you instead run a not so big enterprise, community help would do well. That said, do not ignore the outsourcing the Yii development option since it comes with its own set of benefits.

Once you decide to indeed go for Yii, hire YII Framework Developers can deal with all sort of obstacles that are characteristic of application development projects.