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Facebook Future – An Interface for Branding or Invincible Online Store

Predicting the future of the Facebook under the current circumstances with the given parameters won’t be promising. However, I will try to formulate some ideas from the given intakes to decide where exactly Facebook will be positioned in the near future. Before jumping into the topic, let’s develop a brief idea about what Facebook is all about and why people give paramount importance to it. 

Facebook Trend

Facebook Lineaments:

Facebook with more than 2 billion followers and abnormal client base is one of the best places for web owners to promote their products. The extraordinary exposure a Facebook page offers while displaying products and services on it has made web owners go after it for maximizing their sales. Given the current scenario, the economic meltdown has made millions of website owners to search for a cost-effective alternate to carry out their promotional activities. Facebook with cost-free attribute is found to be the best alternate for exposing numerous products in front of a large volume of people all across the globe in an effective way. It doesn’t matter what kind of ebusiness you are into, without the integration of Facebook with your website, the success rate would be below par undoubtedly.

Current Trend of Facebook:

Well, having said that it integrating an ecommerce store with Facebook is the only way to get your products exposed in front of huge masses of people all over the globe. One such connecting interface is the Magento Facebook App. Using this simple app, the web owner can easily set up a Magento online store on the wall of the Facebook page effectively. It offers tremendous benefits to the web owners, as Facebook followers have the tendency to recommend the products and encourage others to buy them. It is the recent business strategy that most businesses are adapting to in order to reap rich benefits.

How Facebook Promotes Ebusiness?

It is the open graph feature of Facebook that has helped the web owners a great deal in improving their business prospects. In general, the graph is a map of connection existing between any user and his friends, relatives, etc. Any product displayed in the user’s wall of Facebook will reflect greatly on others pages leading to unbelievable benefits. But, remember, Facebook just acts as an interface between the user and the website and don’t serve as the medium itself. 

Why Facebook Didn’t Develop a Commerce Site?

One may wonder, with such powerful fan followers and incredible client base, raising their own commerce site would bring them mammoth profits. It’s very true! I won’t argue Facebook never tried its hands on setting up a commerce store for its own purpose. In fact, it tried a couple of times, but it didn’t take off the way expected. So, they have dropped the plan and just concentrating on acting as an interface between the user and ecommerce websites. 

Facebook CEO’s Take on Future Store Operations:

The CEO of Facebook has come out with some valid reasons why it is a better recommendation engine capable of forcing enormous customers to buy products rather than operating as a store. He insisted that Facebook is a platform for people sharing their thoughts, likes, dislikes rather than tempting them to buy products which they don’t intend here. In fact, it is very true that Facebook as a brand promoting interface proves to be more convincing compared to operating as an online store. So, he has made it vivid that Facebook as of now have no idea on coming up with online stores for promoting products. Indeed, it is a favorable decision for most web owners as it could help them huge benefits.


From the above discussion, a striking point that stands out is the approach of Facebook toward the online store set ups. With millions of fan followers and client base one would obviously love to make more money, on the contrary, Facebook has come up with a brilliant move to make it healthy for the visitors who use the site to share their opinions effectively with no fuzz. So, it benefits both the users as well as the ecommerce business owners mutually.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article. Enjoy the unlimited privileges offered by Facebook to the visitors as well as utilize it as a branding medium to promote all your products and services effectively.


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