Build an Affiliate Website That Also Ranks Well on Google

There are many affiliate websites on the web that also rank high on the search engines. It is lucrative to build an affiliate website to earn some extra revenue. There are certain factors that Google is looking for to help rank the affiliate websites. You can consult your web design company in London or anywhere to build an affiliate website to improve your rankings.

Below are some points to follow

Give the Users What They are Looking for in Affiliate Links:

The only rule for people is to provide what they are looking and what will help them to solve their problems. Build a website with all the relevant information which users are looking for and provide it with affiliate links to them instead of creating affiliate links and then adding the content. Google ranks high all those websites which provide the most relevant content or information to its readers.

Branch out with Affiliate Links:

It is sensible to branch out with affiliate links to different revenue sources that to stick to single affiliate programme. Because such a single affiliate programme may doom your site in today’s competitive era. So, generate new income sources and expand your reach to the customers. Link in other associates from the local market if possible by creating appropriate components to the site and keep the site live. There are many web design companies in London to help you build such affiliate links whom you can consult. Before that just consider some points:

  • Domain Age means how long ago the domain was registered
  • How many pages are in the site
  • How many links are in the entire website
  • How many links point to the page that is ranking
  • How many backlinks the site has with the keyphrase it is ranking for the anchor text

Create a Linking Policy:

To have a good and effective link building policy is one of the most important aspects today. Create an effective link building policy right at the start of building a website. Even from the perspective of search engines like Google, etc. a website without links looks odd unless you have plenty of other factors going in your favor. So, create links to other people including government and other informational and non-competitive, commercial sites also. Make sure they are beneficial to the customers.

Keep the Site Live:

Keep on updating your website with fresh content. People think that fresh content is always more useful than the content uploaded over a long period. And so does Google! Google search crawlers have a system to identify the stale content and obviously they prefer the fresh content! And therefore, give preference to newly created, fresh pages.

Use Common Sense!

Last but not the list. Many of the above mentioned points are like using the common sense! Well, they are. Still, it comes only through experience. Ultimately, the most common thing is to say that use only such content as is most important and useful to the readers or users. Because, that is the basic principle for any website to look natural and fresh all the times!


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