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Becoming a Professional? What to Keep off your Twitter and Facebook Pages

We live in a world that is immersed in new media and innovative technology. Every day, people are retreating to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to share all the exciting news and details of their personal lives. It can feel wonderful to be so connected to each other through social media, but can all this intimate connection end up doing us harm than good when it comes to getting a job?

facebook-twitter keep off

If you have a Twitter and Facebook page, it can seem very tempting to share all the tidbits of information about your life. Keep in mind, however, that anything and everything you say through social media can be accessed by your followers as well as numerous strangers out there. Particularly if you’re looking for a job, Facebook and Twitter can often do more harm than good. For those of you who are on the market for a new job, here are four things to keep off your Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Now you wouldn’t drop the f-bomb in the workplace, right? Of course not! So if you want to be respected by people like your future employers, make sure to never curse through social media. When you’re hunting for a job, compose all your tweets and status updates with intelligence and restraint. In fact, to save yourself from losing any potential job offers, I suggest you go back and delete every controversial tweet or status you ever made.

Love-Life Status

Strangers – let alone future employers – don’t want to hear about your love life. Not only is your love life something that is highly personal, it’s a topic you shouldn’t be sharing with the rest of the world. Even if you’ve just gone through the most dramatic breakup in the history of mankind, keep it to yourself. Employers won’t be thrilled to hire someone that seems dramatic, emotional, or unstable. Even if you’re having a rough day, try not to mention it on Facebook or Twitter. Nobody wants to hire a complainer.

Political Beliefs

Now might be an extremely difficult time to keep your political beliefs to yourself, especially with the presidential election around the corner and the recent Chick-Fil-A gay-marriage debacle, but trust me on this one: you should not be spouting your political beliefs to people on Twitter and Facebook. Why? Well, aside from the fact that people aren’t likely going to alter their core political beliefs based on your tweets or status updates, you are only going to agitate people who disagree with you – including future employers. Everybody has their own set of core beliefs, so in order to protect yourself from any unnecessary discrimination, I’d say keep your political beliefs off of social media.

Frustrations with Job Searches

Hunting for a job can be an extremely frustrating process, but make sure not to spew those frustrations all over Twitter and Facebook. Employers want to see that you’re diligently hunting for a job and not complaining about the process – whether it’s at their company or another company. Keep any and all complaints about your job search off of Twitter or Facebook and you should be safe from getting in an awkward situation where you have to explain why you said something negative about pursuing a job at their company.

Social media is a powerful force the world is just now beginning to understand, so it’s very important not to underestimate how easily this new technology can derail your efforts to start a professional career. In all your tweets and status updates, make sure to keep your love life, personal frustrations, political beliefs, and profanities to yourself.

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