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How to Ramp Up Your Home Business Tech

How to Ramp Up Your Home Business Tech
Running a business out of your home is quite challenging. With the advent of effective tech tools, businesses are quickly integrating these tools into their business. Just because yours is a home business doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from the latest business technology innovations. Here are some tips to ramp up your home business without large investment of time or money.

Buy a Smartphone

Working from home means you will also be working while you are travelling to interact with your customers and suppliers. Make your business flexible by investing in a smartphone. This helps you to always stay in touch with your customers, make a deal or stop a disaster.

Smartphones are available at all prices. So watch out for the best offers on less expensive mobile devices with your local wireless provider.

Integrate your Apps

It is not enough if you simply buy a smartphone and do nothing with it. You have to sync all your business apps with it. When you use your business software from your email, your sales software and more, you can easily access it no matter where you are, provided you have a good network.

Dropbox automatically syncs all your files online and on your desktop into the phone in your pocket, you don’t have to worry about processing database, risk of email storage or reply delays in the time it takes for you to get back access to your home office’s systems. That satisfies your customers, business partners and suppliers. The Dropbox is free software unless your files to be stored are not more than 2GB.

DLNA- Enabled devices

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology helps all your digital systems such as smartphone, tablet, television speakers and other gadgets to function wirelessly. No additional accessories are required for an uninterrupted connection between devices.

Check your Network

Pay attention to how much you are charged for your network connection. Does it take more time to download the pages or does it have a weak customer support? When you work from home, a strong network is necessary for you to be able to run your business smoothly. A good network makes it easy to access your business apps and database, check your email and stay in touch with your customers and bussiness associates.

Check that your ISP promises a high quality in their Service Level Agreement. It should clearly define the downloading time, jitter and other network issues and provide you with a better alternative if something goes wrong with the network. If you are not satisfied with your current network connection, then you can switch to other network services which offer you a high level of reliability in their network service.

Automatic File Back-up

Get an online file back-up service. The utility copies all your important files from your PC, laptop or server and stores them in an encrypted mode in your private data centers. So now, you have to back up only the latest and updated documents, hence this saves your time if you had to backup everything.


Bluetooth technology built into mobiles transfers all your business calls to a headset, so that you can engage your hands with other work. Blue tooth technology is also compatible with other electronic gadgets such as computers and printers thereby reducing the space taken up by wires in your workplace and also allows you to take printouts from computers in other rooms.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP can be used to make calls to other companies or send faxes via internet. Skype is a kind of VoIP which allows you to video chat, send instant message via its online service. In other words, you can now contact your clients and vendors overseas for free.

Virtual Attendant Phone Service

This is an automated phone answering and routing service that allows you to add your choice of hold message, call screening, voicemail and an internet control panel which allows you to print your desired call reports.

In addition to this, the “follow me” call forwarding can direct calls to mobile phones, so you never have to worry of a missed call.

Solid web presence

In order to make your home business a great success you need to have a strong web presence. It is the first line of contact that your existing customers have with you and the first and best impression you make on your target customers. Make sure your website offers detailed information about your products and services. If your site is not up to par, your customers won’t come back. Remember to add a variety of contact options such as email address, live chat and others.

The above technology tools have the potential to ramp up your home business. They also help you to become more flexible, mobile and efficient. Though they are popularly used in large scale businesses, all these technology tools are within your price limits.


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Differences between PPC and CPM

How to shake-off PPC frustration and get back on track?

Frustration is a continual part of the human life. People suffer various phases of mental and psychological health. Pay per click which is also referred to as PPC is a word used to signify an advertising model. These types of ads are also shown on the websites through search engine outcomes. PPC syndrome is a reason for which the people become frustrated. Some of the ways to shake-off PPC frustration and get back on track are given below.

Knowing the PPC essentials

The principal thing which needs to be done is setting up an account with PPC. The highest stage is the campaign. After that, it is divided into Ad Group and lastly it is again divided into advertisements and keywords. At the time of verification, you need to know about the complete approach regarding the rules. The rules include examining if the keywords in the Ad Groups are properly themed or not. It also includes if the ad texts are appropriate to the keywords and whether the promotions comprising the Ad Group are significant to the advanced campaign topic. PPC frustrations will be eliminated if these rules are monitored.

Finding out the exact problem

If it is a pay per click problem, then the main thing which should be done is to get into the root of the problem, and therefore try to get the solution. Some of the common problems which are generally confronted by the people at the time of PPC use are:

· The online web history is not cleaned properly.

· At times, the system is not understood completely by all the online users.

· The people, normally, do not make use of the account which is installed by the tool utilized for PPC.

· The duplicate passwords might not be operating appropriately for this purpose.

Look out at past browsing history

The regular online users have an extended data and browsing history of websites, which is considered as one of the reasons for the occurrence of PPC frustration. As a result, the user should be aware regarding the usage of their previous browsing records. It normally happens due to the reason that:

Ø The account might be reorganized.

Ø Some important national or international news and historical events could be the original cause of increasing the virtual movement online.

Ø The online user might not be able to realize the appropriate browsing history of the website in the past.

Ø The previous download history is not efficiently used.

Importance Of Audience Power

Whatever thing that is shared on the net must be understood by all. Therefore, if the PPC rate is very less and when the frustrations overcome, then only the time is good to reorganize the account. In the end, the audience will be displayed with appropriate messages in case of search inquiries. The present generation viewers continuously have a tendency to emphasize on the up-to-date technology terms. But then again, the PPC rate differs for various sets of ads. Firstly, it needs to be examined that who will be the perfect target audience. If this is done accordingly, then PPC frustration cannot occur in any way.

The process of restructuring the account

There are certain significant things which need to be remembered for restructuring the account. Firstly, you need to maintain a decent quality score. Each time when a keyword is relocated from Ad Group 1 to Ad Group 2, and at the same time possess a good quality score, then the best performing ad must also be done for Ad Group 1 to Ad Group 2. You need to design the ad group names in a very descriptive and expressive way. It is because a thorough description is likely to attract more bids. Lastly, the text of the Ad must be appropriate enough.

Overcoming the problems

We can overcome and avoid the problem of PPC frustration by the use of the following ideas. Firstly, the user can try out some new and innovative ways for testing of the ad copies. Secondly, the user also has the option for adjusting and modifying the bids that are centered on CPC which are ideal. Thirdly, the users can also manage the theme appropriately. They just have to take top 5 ad communities and then have to divide them into smaller parts. Finally, the Ad World can also be managed by the users by the use of the tablets, and hence can use it through various dissimilar passwords.

Experience is a delightful theme for defining the PPC. Understanding the methods and strategies of racing comes through experience and skill only. On the other hand, the PPC details should be the basic building blocks and grasping it is not a matter whatsoever. There are large numbers of lessons and procedures to resolve this. By being informed of some technical knowledge, the user can resolve them. Thus, it is essential to identify your online accounts correctly and to renovate your business.

Why You’re Social Media Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

Worried that your social media marketing efforts are not working. Unmindful of your knowledge, a number of reasons are responsible for the failure to click, when it comes to social media marketing. Read on to have a better idea.


1.) Lacking in clarity

If you are sharing your ideas on social media platforms without a clearly defined strategy, chances are bright that your efforts will fail. Have a clear idea of your vision and do substantial groundwork before you post your ideas. You might wish to increase your website traffic or encourage people to sign up for the mailing list. Devise a suitable strategy accordingly and post something substantial.

2.) Disconnect from your target audience

A prime reason for any strategy to fail on the social media is the disconnection from the target audience. You must have an understanding of the imminent needs of your target audience and come up with content that motivates them. In case you do not pay heed to this advice, all your efforts are sure to go waste.

3.) Not making regular updates

Having ideas in your mind is not enough. As you post your content on the social media platform, ensure that the same is updated on a regular basis. Audience has grown smart enough and will dump you instantly, in case they sense that you are not making dedicated efforts.

4.) Not treating your clients as an obligation

Any effort succeeds only when the target audience is treated as an obligation. Any lackluster approach can cause serious harm and your efforts are sure to go waste, in case you do not consider your clients needs as a necessity.

5.) Not having engaging content

With competition increasing multi fold, the effect is being felt in social media circles too. Posting information without doing substantial research results in disengaging content and your efforts are sure to go in vain.

6.) Not being able to build your audience

Another reason for failure in social media initiatives is the inability to build up the audience. Having a Twitter and Facebook account is of limited use unless you are able to make people follow you and like your Facebook page. Engaging, quality content is the key to success and you should be able to live up to your target audience expectations, if you wish to achieve some tangible success.

7.) Going beyond your niche

A common mistake people make is to work on multiple fronts. This does have a serious bearing on your efforts and unmindful of your knowledge, your fortunes will dwindle rapidly, in case you venture beyond your niche area. The audience has grown smart enough and will realize that you are posting vague content that lacks quality research.

8.) Unrealistic expectations

You might be expecting quick results from your social media initiatives. This is not possible always and you need to have realistic expectations.

These are some of the prime reasons that result in failure of your social media initiatives. Work on these and your business prospects will receive a boost.

wordpress ROI

Boost Your Content ROI from WordPress

WordPress is the most trusted and reliable content management system that powers millions of websites today. Providing administrative controls to end users, it can be easily customized as per user requirements. It offers a viable framework for competing against even the most seasoned content management systems (CMS).

The big and powerful media companies and publishing houses today have realized the importance of quality rich content. For example, implementing a WordPress multi author newsroom for their web site or blog cuts the necessity of full time in-house employees while increases the productivity and efficiency of their workflow simultaneously.  Not alone that, effectively managing the WordPress sites can even increase traffic of their web site and generate leads resulting in better ROI.

WordPress though an extremely powerful CMS faces limitation in managing content team bigger than a few people. So the publishers who are looking forward for expansion and building up a multi author newsroom for their WordPress sites are troubled with effective management of the content teams. They are turning towards third party alternatives such as spreadsheets, emails, instant messages, etc for managing the workflow. But all these options are just an alternative for the problem and not the perfect solution. As a result the publishers are spending more time in correcting their workflow rather than producing top notch content.

If these content companies want to get the most out of their WordPress environment in terms of boosting their ROI, then there are thousands of plugins available on WordPress to help them achieve their target. Below is the list of the plugins that helped me gain ROI for my site. You can try them for your site as well and notice the difference.

1. ContentCloud

ContentCloud is Editorial Project Management software targeted at publishers running WordPress sites. Launched by Betaout, it offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with an intuitive and user friendly interface.

ContentCloud gives you the experience of working on a fully featured and customized editorial workflow system. It grants complete control over the content production process to an editor or publisher with the power to manage and share resources across multiple sites. ContentCloud lets the editors focus on producing top notch content by automating all the administrative tasks.

In ContentCloud team members are assigned individual desks through which the assignments are routed. Custom workflows can be created to ensure that assignments pass through the desks in a desired order. This way the editor can choose whether to assign the task to a specific team member or to keep it open for any team member on that desk. There is a provision of user role on every desk which prevents the editor from accidently putting two team members with different user roles on a same desk.

There is Activity Feed that gives the editor a bird eye view of the entire newsroom. This helps the editor to take any pre-emptive measure to avoid bottlenecks and missed deadlines. The performance history is stored for each contributor along with all the feedback received.

ContentCloud has a distinguished app for contributors other than Managing Editors called as the Workbench app. This app is kept minimalist for the convenience of the contributors so that they can focus on their work. The interface of ContentCloud is designed with a low learning curve.

2. User Role Editor

User Role Editor is another WordPress plugin which makes the grip on the privilege settings of members. The priority of entrance can be modified using this plugin. But there is a complex issue that the administrative mode cannot be edited under any exceptional circumstances. That issue should be solved to make this advanced. Apart from this, other settings are appreciable enough. A checkbox can be found in the section of adjustments. Self made responsibilities can be detected to play the mature game. As the premium member of this service I can assure its overwhelming grab on the privilege settings with multi-site supportability. A copy can be also made depending upon the original documents. Only this Meta information is shown from the external view just as photocopy. But the original one remains untouched at conceptual and internal schema. This can be altered only when the member comes with exact exemption right. I have experienced blogging with multi-authored capabilities. It gives me a chance to generate an improved knowledge base by extracting different views at the same time.


3. Joget

Joget is another WordPress plugin. It’s evaluation can be made through editorial, advertisement and other media requests. Submitted contacts are performed by actor on user role. SMTP server is the main framework to be integrated. In the time of configuration, username, password, authentication, port and host name are mandatory input fields. The people like submitter, editor and in-charge of advertisement are gathered at the workplace for expected operation. I can give a brief assistance for proper installation like:

  • Accessibility to the local host through web browser.
  • Login process as administrator with default password.
  • Design and manage the processes.
  • Importing the specific libraries and directories.
  • Uploading the package demo as the compressed one.
  • Navigation to process on contacts form.
  • Downloading the plugin directory.
  • Decrypt the compressed package.
  • Login to activate the inbox plugin system.
  • Proper configuration to the point of resource locator.
  • Front end display to targeted sidebar.


4. Recent Revisions

Recent Revision plugin will display an overview of the recent post revisions made by you on your administration dashboard. This is definitely effective for websites that has content, which is getting updated by multiple authors and you probably need to manage the changes made by the authors. Number of revisions that gets displayed is configurable. It also allows an option for showing authors and also shows dates. Posts will be shown in GMT for enabling effective collaboration across many time-zones. The installation process is quite easy. First download the plugin in a zip folder. However, don’t unzip the folder and keep it unzipped. Then go inside your WordPress administration page and click on Plugins, then choose Add New, then choose the Upload button and Browse for uploading. Then click OK when a file has been chosen and Install. Then go inside the plugin and activate the plugin. In-order to ensure your Recent Revisions remains visible; you have to select “Recent Revisions” in the Screen Options on the top right corner.


5. Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow has been designed to create workflow process in WordPress. The plugin will add a box inside the post edit screen without any published permissions the user requires for that post type. The plugin also allows you a role in WordPress as the approvers. A note must be made that this role does require published permissions. A notification will be generated by Email for the approvers when something has been submitted to the workflow by someone. This works simultaneously on WordPress Multisite also. There is no auto-installation on this plugin. The installation steps are: Plugin files should be copied into wp-content/plugins/ The plugin will activated from the Plugins page or Activate it in network for multisite Just go to Settings, then Approval Workflow for adjusting plugin settings You should ensure the users you are looking to approve have a role, which does not require published page or any publication permissions for posts of other types.


Do let me know about your favorite plugin.

Link Building Failure: 5 kinds that could hurt your blog

To be or not to be in inbound linking is a question that many people are asking today. Are you one of them?

Google changed algorithm to curb blackhat backlining. Search engine even denounced few top of the rank sites and their PageRank , indeed, nosedived.

But this doesn’t mean back links lost value. In fact inbound links still carry value to your site. But they can earn Google’s wrath also.

If you are not a veteran webmaster, it will be difficult to swim through the link-world. However, you can take note of 5 specific inbound links you should avoid at any cost.

1. Spam links on comment and forums

As a webmaster, you must have come across posts and comments outright irrelevant but impregnated with links. These are spam trying to carjack juice out of your site at your cost. Search engines can even misread your site if you have too many of them and downgrade your site.

However, for a site or forum of considerable size it’s not easy to track every single link minutely. Use available tracking tools. And alert moderators on the risk.

2. Paid links

There are people and companies who claim to boost up PageRank overnight with bulk inbound links from authority and high PR sites. Don’t trust them.

First of all, no honored authority site would like renting out their web space for couple of dollars. So, you will end up getting trash links from gambling and eeee sites. Links also come from sites with no specific past or futures. Nobody can rely on links from these sites. Besides, search engines will, for sure, downgrade your site, if found involved in link trading.

3. Link exchange

Often you will see people asking you to link to their site. In exchange they will link back to your site. These are reciprocal links. You may think them agreeable when you should avoid them.

In reciprocal links, weaker site makes the most out of the pact. Logic is simple. You optimize search engine and develop good content. People come to your site and you link them out to your partner site. But, in exchange you won’t get much as your partner is weak and doesn’t gather much traffic.

Your partner can even dupe with a ‘nofollow’ links to your site, which earn no PageRank any way. Search engines also disgrace such practice.

4. Link farming

Link farms are open secret of high-end expensive SEO strategy. It has both of ‘blackhat’ and ‘whitehat’ sides. It means building hundreds of sites with intention of forwarding links to other sites. Reputed search engines dislike its ‘blackhat’ side of course. Besides, spending money on so much delicate strategy hardly makes sense. You should put money in better uses like content development and analytics.

5. Footer links

They are junk today. Almost no search engine values them for PR purpose. Few people use them for keyword staffing but that is not very ingenious strategy to follow. So, you should avoid footer links as far as possible.

So, invest money and time on organic links instead. They will never lose shine.

4 keystone principles to follow for long term traffic

4 keystone principals to follow for long term traffic

You have a passion for writing. And you want to make money out of your passion. So you start your own blog. Very soon you find people visiting your blog and giving feedback also. You are happy about this. After sometime you realize that not enough people are visiting your blog; some people like your writing and some don’t. Slowly it dawns on you that it is important to have more quality people visit your blog, only then you can earn sumptuous money. You need more traffic.

If you wish to be a successful online entrepreneur, there are two things you ought to do:

1. Increase the traffic.

2. Convert the existing traffic into a long term one.

To achieve these two goals you should follow the 4 Keystone principles. Let us see them one by one.

1. Numero Uno: Content is the commander in chief: 

If you want your blog to sell like a hot cake, then need of the hour is the high quality content.

When you have a strong content, it automatically commands attention from people. People cannot afford to ignore this content Commander when he is on duty. People should develop a strong affinity with your writing while reading your blog. The content Commander, when in full command, ensures traffic flooding into your blog.

2. Second to none:

The second key for creating a strong quality content is adding value to it. Content with value added property speaks volumes and volumes about your blog which draws people from all walks of life walk into your blog. Every time they visit your blog, people find utilizing their time while reading it. Remember one important value here: Give people what they want; to know their wants, ask them or answer their queries when they give feedback.

Your blog should address the people’s quest for knowledge. When your green grocer brings fresh vegetables and fruits every day, you never hesitate to visit him again and again, are you? Same rule applies here also. Supply your readers with fresh, valuable information through your blog, no wonder traffic increases and you earn the money you wanted.

3. Third thumb rule:

Blogging can not only help you pursue your writing passion, it can also help you converse live with people and build relationships with them. This attitude will take you a long way in blogging, with which you can easily create enduring relationships. People will start thinking that you are more reliable. Carve your own niche approachable. This niche will convert the existing visitors into long term visitors.

4. Fourth frontier: 

By developing many ways of connectivity, you can make your blog a designer made. Discover and exploit the multiple way of communicating. Open up many ways to reach your blog. Make your blog stand alone in the crowded and highly competitive world of blogging. Be interactive and keep satisfying their needs and wants; make your blog indispensable.

Just for making money don’t compromise on the quality of your writing. Quality blogging with strong content is what people expect from a blogger. Creative way of communicating and more concern about the people visiting your blog will make an impact and bring more long term traffic to your blog.