7 WordPress Themes you’ll want to embrace as a writer

Well, it is the theme that can either make or break the reputation of a blog/website. Talking specifically about writers, if you too are one of them then you must be well familiar with the importance of installing the right theme on your website. WordPress themes available for authors ought to be elegant. The reason for this being the level of professionalism that is attached to the field of writing. In this post, I introduce you to 7 awesome WordPress themes that are tailor-made for websites belonging to authors. All these themes have the right potential to reflect an author’s voice and brand. So, let’s get started with unveiling the assets of these WordPress themes. 

WordPress Theme No.1- WordPress For Writers

wordpress theme 1

WordPress For Writers is a theme that has been developed keeping in mind the requirements and expectations of authors. With this theme installed in your website, you can choose to start article series, add large article images, styled quotes and do a lot more that would make you a proud author.

WordPress Theme No.2- Typominima

WordPress Theme No.2- Typominima

Typominima is a typography based WordPress theme that comes with beautiful fonts that fit the needs of different categories of writers. Whether you’re a blog writer, a book author or a publisher, installing Typominima into your website will render you a brilliant opportunity of expressing yourself online.

WordPress Theme No.3-Melville

WordPress Theme No.3-Melville

Just like Typominima, Melville is also a WordPress theme that targets the typography used in the web pages. As an incredible blog theme, Melville is ideal for authors who want to keep it simple, clean and elegant.

WordPress Theme No.4-Minimal

WordPress Theme No.4-Minimal

Minimal is yet another WordPress theme that belongs to the category of clean and minimal WordPress themes. Suitable for blogs and portfolios, Minimal renders your content a perfect presentation that makes it stand out from the crowd. Some of the remarkable features of this WordPress theme are styling options, custom fading taglines, custom widgets, customization options on backend and many more.  

WordPress Theme No.5-Manifest

WordPress Theme No.5-Manifest

Manifest is an ultra clean and flexible WordPress theme best suited for creative blogs, galleries as well as portfolios. With over 40 eye-catchy fonts and predefined skins to choose from, Manifest comes with a greater focus on your content. This theme has a 500 pixel wide layout, single column, no widgets and no sidebars. The latest version of Manifest comes with threaded comments, WordPress Photo Gallery, Page Comments and Sub-page support. Features that make Manifest different from other WordPress themes include valid XHTML Markup, 404 Page, Archives template, links template, Microformat support, Google ad(sortal) support and many more. 

WordPress Theme No.6-Smart Portfolios

WordPress Theme No.6-Smart Portfolios

Smart Portfolios is an amazing WordPress theme that serves as a perfect solution for websites belonging to writers. With this theme installed in your website, you can thoroughly enjoy an aesthetic look and feel for your site. Pleasing icons coupled with tagline area, line length, footer, contact form and technical support make Smart Portfolios a classy theme to use for your site. 

WordPress Theme No.7- The Erudite

WordPress Theme No.7- The Erudite

The Erudite is a free, open source WordPress theme for writers who simply want readers and not mere traffic for their blogging website. Backed by a carefully crafted typography and intelligently placed whitespaces, The Erudite is a perfect fit for all varieties of WordPress powered blogging websites. This theme works wonders for website owners whose main focus is on the typography rather than plain images and design.

So, have you made your choice?

With a handy collection of the most refined WordPress themes, I’m sure you’d have definitely chosen your pick. Well, selecting the most appropriate theme for your WordPress blogging site is a task that needs to be handled with utmost care. You cannot take your site’s theme for granted. Prior to selecting a theme for your WordPress website, don’t forget to analyze your requirements. Make sure you’re clear on whether you want more visitors or more genuine readers for your blog. You need to make sure that the theme which you choose for your site has the potential of showcasing your writing talent in an excellent manner.


Now that you’re well familiar with 7 stunning WordPress themes for writers, ensure to make the right choice. These themes can actually help you attain a unique niche in the world of writers. So, simply go ahead and choose your pick. All the best! 

If you’ve something to share or want to drop in your views/opinions on the above post, please proceed ahead by using the comments box provided right under this post. 

Best Five Most popular Contacts iOS Apps

Introduction of smartphone has taken mobile app technology to the next level, things which were done before with lot of problems and also with lot of time consumptions are now can be done with in no time with help of amazing mobile apps. In past people use to carry diary or notebooks with them to keep their contacts at one place, but often they do loose the information of their contact and if their diaries do get lost the users has to keep lot of diaries at one place. Most of these problems are now resolved with amazing contact apps which are quite comfortable for organizing contacts at one place and also to access them from various locations around the world.

Now if we do survey on different Mobile App store like Apple store, we will find lot of amazing contacts management Apps with lot of amazing features and stylish designs. Selecting the right is an quite amazing task, to save your time, we have top five most popular Contacts iOS Apps, having excellent reviews on the store.


CooBook is an amazing app having highly creative and attractive interface to perform contact scheduling and organization the best way. This app allows user to organize contacts by different categories like by name, business, or by specification location. It doss posses highly social sharing interface in which users can save its contacts details on or it can copy user details from social media to its app. This app always comes with latest updates from iOS like its latest version comes with iOS 7.


Contacts + is another ideal iOS app for users how have very large collection of contacts, with different details. This amazing app allows users to add most detailed information about its contacts and update them regularly. Its interface in highly users friendly and layouts represents exceptional iphone app development. It has quite exceptional details for synchronizing images of contacts personals or locations pictures with contacts and also supports social media sharing. This app always comes with latest updates from iOS like its latest version comes iOS 7.


Simpler is classic iOS app with excellent features to store most desired contacts with pictures and other related details at one location. Its interface is highly rich and colorful allows users to easily interact with multiple screens and store contacts information. It comes with highly innovative features in which users can send sms to multiple groups member whom are part of its group, and it also allows to separate contacts in different groups to have collective communication with them  It also allows users to save contact to Google Drive and Dropbox etc. This app always comes with latest updates from iOS like its latest version comes with iOS 7.


Smartr is another exceptional iOS app with quite simplified and amazing interface to manage and forward contacts as per requirements. Its interface is quite simple that allows users to easily synch or enter contacts details with quite ease. It has quite simplified contacts synchronization process to manage contacts. Its automatically manages contacts from social media and update them regularly, as users contacts improves. It supports  all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkdlin or other related platforms and it also users to save contacts in Apple iCloud on sites like mac.com etc. This app always comes with latest updates from iOS like its latest version comes with iOS 7.

Card Drop

Card Drop is quite innovative and exceptional app which is ideal for business personals who want to organize and manage contacts details with quite easiness. It comes with exceptional business card scanners that automatically user’s information to the app and it also allows to share the contacts details on the major social media platforms and like Facebook, Twitter and Linkdlin or other related platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. It also allows users to create and share its digital business cards details. This app always comes with latest updates from iOS like its latest version comes with iOS 7.

Why Opt for Groovy and Grails for your Enterprise Application Development in 2014?

When it comes to the enterprise application development, majority of the organizations have very limited options for choosing the appropriate framework or platform. Till now, the frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django or CodeIgniter have managed to grab the attention from the majority of the enterprises, but Groovy and Grails are rapidly gaining attention from the enterprises all over the world. Due to enormous benefits and out-of-the-box features, Groovy on Grails is becoming the first choice for enterprises looking for more productivity.

enterprise application development

Easy to set up, the concept of DRY and convention over configuration, standard project layout, minimal server restart, GORM and scaffolding are a few of the major benefits that makes Groovy on Grails a natural choice among the enterprises for developing complex applications. Also, when it comes to the productivity, Grails is a quite more productive as compared to the other frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Dynamic schema generation irrespective of data structure adds more to its enterprise-level capabilities.

Okay, but apart from productivity, what are the other things that makes Groovy and Grails a natural choice for enterprise application development in the year 2014? Well, there are other reasons that definitely make sense to go for it in the year 2014. Let’s dive more deeply to find out the answer of your WHY!

#The power of Java Virtual Machine!

Java Virtual Machine!

One of the very first reasons is that Grails is based on Groovy language, which runs on the JVM and we all know that Java Virtual Machine has been in the industry over the decades. It gives the best run time environments while enabling features like just-in-time compilation and hot spot optimization. From the enterprise perspective, there are thousands of tools in the market that can be integrated with it.

If you’re a developer, then you can have access to all the Java libraries! When it comes to enterprise, it could be a Java SDK provided by a legacy product or from the 3rd party vendor. Due to such a huge penetration of Java, most of the vendors target Java when introducing the SDK. If you are facing any issue, it will be solved in the very next moment and this quite helpful in enterprise application development.

#Grails utilizes existing Java middleware when it comes to deployment!

Grails application

If you’ve ever observed any enterprise shop with a Java presence, you will find that it has least one Java application server in production. You would find a commercial app server and an open source much of like Tomcat. However, when it comes to deployment, any Grails application will look like any other Java EE based application.

Deploying any Grails application will create .war file that can be easily put into the existing application server. It is a big deal for any enterprise having a giant application server. From the developers’ perspective, they can also leverage from their existing technical expertise without reinventing the wheel!

#A well-balanced ecosystem with Good Documentation, support and contributors!

Great documentation, technical support and a huge community of developers – these are the three basic requirements of a good framework and guess what, Groovy and Grails has everything! It’s from a SpringSource, a company that is responsible for introducing the Spring framework. So, you don’t have to worry about great support contract, which is another reason why many developers are going to the grails web development.

When it comes to the documentation, it is of course as good as you think about! Also, there are plenty of books available to help you out. If you feel trapped somewhere, you can find help from the contributors and coding experts on the go!

#Grails leverages from the popular Java technologies!

It is a well-known fact that Grails development utilizes two existing Java technologies Spring and Hibernate, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Most of all the enterprises have already invested in both of these technologies, so there is an easy learning curve. It doesn’t require eeee knowledge of Spring and Hibernate, but a basic knowledge would help you deal with the enterprise-level issues. Also, there is a huge knowledge base available to help you solve various issues raised in an enterprise environment.

#Groovy’s developer-friendly nature simplifies enterprise application development!


Groovy was intended to let the Java developers use it and fulfill their goals! Its syntax is backwards compatible with Java, which simplifies for the developers to actually write Groovy code during their learning phase. Of course, this doesn’t help increase the productivity, but yes, it makes Groovy the developer-friendly language to create enterprise-level applications.

Also, developers creating enterprise applications using Groovy don’t have to re-learn the basics as Groovy is based on the JDK, which means it leverages the core Java APIs that developers are playing since the beginning!

From the above reasons, it is quite clear that Groovy and Grails definitely serves all the enterprise application development needs & deeds. So, what are you waiting for? Go for Groovy and Grails to create robust enterprise applications in the year 2014 for better productivity. Looking for Grails web development or enterprise application development using Grails? Get in touch with us now!

6 Usability Do’s & Don’ts to Make Your Web Design More Usable

After spending countless hours and imagination, finally you’re ready with the compelling and engaging website design. There is no denying that it will encourage your target audience, but do you think your website is making things easy for the target audience to find the desired information? That’s where the role of usability comes into the picture.

No matter how expert you’re in website designing, but if you fail to consider the important aspect called “usability”, you’re losing a major chunk of your online customers! Many designers often find designing a usable website a complex process, but that’s not the truth. Often times, there are certain things that make a huge impact on the user experience. However, many designers fail to design usable website due to some silly usability mistakes.

Are you an aspiring web designer willing to make bright career in website designing field? If yes, then try to follow certain important usability do’s and don’ts discussed in this post to make your website more usable!

  • Do try to make it easy for the users to find the navigation within your website! Whenever you design a website, navigation of your site is the first thing that the end-users will notice or look for. If you’re placing it to some unexpected or difficult to find places within your site, it will simply affect the overall usability of your site. Therefore, it is important that you try to make the navigation a bit easy to find by placing it on the top of the site.
  • Don’t use not so clear labels. Many of the website designers of ignore the significance of the clear button labels within their website. Avoid using not so clear button labels within the site. The label on all the actionable interfaces like buttons should always bounded with what it will do for the end-user. If it is unclear, then it will confuse the target audience coming to your site. So, avoid using unclear labels while designing website for better user experience.
  • Do ensure that your website is having cross-browser compatibility. We all know that tons of web browsers are introduced every now and then. Many popular browsers like Firefox, IE or Chrome are upgraded on regular basis. In such scenario, if you design a website that is compatible with IE 6, then it will do nothing but make your site inaccessible on other browsers! Not all the users use that version. So, ensure that you design a website that is compatible with all the latest browser versions.
  • Don’t include unwanted sidebar through different widgets. Do you think using tons of widgets for sidebar will help you make your site user-friendly? If so, then you’re wrong! It will simply make your site more clutter for the readers coming to your site for finding certain information. Most of the users never want to look into what other information you’re providing. So, just let them find what they’re looking for rather than including tons of widgets for sidebars.
  • Do make sure that all the pages within a website are consistent when it comes to the structure! Are you designing a blog? If yes, then only it is a good idea to use different page structures. However, the concept doesn’t go well for the website. If you will not use consistent page structure, the user of your website will feel that they’ve landed on somewhere else and they will simply go back very soon. In order provided a great user experience, ensure you maintain a consistent page structure throughout the website designing.
  • Don’t overlook the footer of your website. What if you’re viewing a website, scrolling it down and at the footer you just see a single line conveying about the copyrights on the site? You will simply feel weird, right! So, better to spice up the footer of your website by including some important links of your website.

Of course, this is not the end of the do’s and don’ts, but these are the most important usability do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while designing a website.

social media seo twitter fb

What makes Social Media and SEO two sides of the same coin?

Today’s stiff online competition has made it mandatory for the online retailers to indulge in both, SEO and Social Media at the same time. There’s no denying of the fact that both the strategies offer remarkable results for a website. Quality content forms one of the most crucial aspects of website promotion strategies. Uniting SEO and SMO has served as an excellent option for reaching global consumers who’re interested in high-quality products and services. Whether it’s about goal tracking, content creation or brand promotion, both SEO and SMO work hand in hand. Keep on reading this blog to find more brilliant stuff related to this union of SEO and Social Media.  

Quality content augments the interaction between Social Media and SEO

Social media and SEO

Since Google’s algorithm isn’t capable enough in detecting the worth of a content, it is the Social media that plays a crucial role in boosting the search engine ranking of a website. If you’re a business owner, you can choose to create a social media page for your company, followed by sharing it via back linking etc. to gather the attention of maximum customers. 

Social relationships are empowered via SEO and Social Media Union

Social media has emerged as one of the most beneficial platforms for strengthening relationships with industry leaders and other influential personalities. If you’re able to cultivate a strong social relationship with your peers, you can easily hone your website’s search engine ranking, thereby gathering maximum customers. Social networking sites allow you to build social relationships with website owners, bloggers and other people who’ve gained a unique niche in their respective field of work.

social media seo twitter fb 

Understanding your audience becomes easier when you combine SEO with Social Media

Indulging in SEO allows you to understand how to write brilliant content for your targeted audience. You can easily combine a cohesive list of what type of audiences you need to write for and which type of content you need to write for pleasing them to the fullest. By following specific social media optimization strategies, it will become easier for you to continue building your brand’s loyalty. 

Social media advertising has the power to boost your website’s search engine rankings

If you’re operating a company blog, it is essential for you to promote it via different social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc. This will not only help you get noticed online but will even assist you in finding millions and millions of customers residing in different corners of the world. Business promotion via social networks is considered to be a cost-effective means of gathering the attention of targeted customers. By implementing a seamless link building campaign, you can easily cope up with any negativity that’s been spread for your brand. Through the collaboration of social media and search engine optimization, it becomes simpler for you to strengthen your online presence by huge bounds and leaps. You can make your business outshone all the social clutter that’s spread all across the World Wide Web.

social media strategies


Whether it’s about analyzing data/traffic or simply growing your social circle, combining SEO and Social Media can act as an excellent means of achieving the expected results without having you to spend a lot of money and efforts. I’m sure by now you’d have definitely got a clear idea as to what makes the association of social media and search engine optimization such a crucial aspect of every website’s promotional campaign.

Checklist For Migrating Your Existing Website To Drupal

If you are fed up of slow loading pages of your site and its inability to handle huge traffic, Drupal migration is one stop solution. This provides you an opportunity to shift your site to a different platform without developing a new site from the scratch. With the advanced Table Wizard and Migrate modules, the entire migration process is now relatively effortless. At present, Migrate modules and table wizard work with MySQL only. If your data is stored in any other database, you need to export it MySQL.

Consider The Following Things Before You Begin Migration

Identify the distinctions in your PHP installation on both the servers including features, bugs, modules, versions, configurations, etc. Also, document the same for Apache, MySQL or any of your alternatives.

Get an appropriate tool set & learn that how to utilize it to download & upload files, alter permissions and ownerships, manage compressed files, work with MySQL and others. However, there are a few Drupal tools that cover some of these aspects, like restoring the data or backing up, but still they do not cover everything. Certainly, you must use the tools that help in your case.

While moving from a superior host to a good host, things stop working. This might not be that the migration failed, but the destination was not set up right. Here is a checklist for migrating your website to a new platform that will definitely help you in Drupal migration.

The Things To Be Considered On The Existing Site

  • Document the employed modules with their versions and paths. The provided module Site Documentation can simplify this task for Drupal 6.
  • Set the website to maintenance mode in Administer > Site maintenance, set it to ‘offline’.
  • The temporary directory folder can be used in admin > settings > file-system or you can edit these settings after restoring the database. Make sure that the same path exists on both the websites.
  • Remove the data from the cache tables as they are unnecessary for transfer and may cause confusion, while cleaning the data. The admin menu module and devel module contain links that can simplify your task.
  • Copy the entire site code including themes & modules and download them, if required, or it is good to transfer them directly to the new server.
  • Similarly, copy the file directories, like image galleries, download them or transfer directly to the new server.

Things To Be Considered On The New Site

  • Upload the entire site code including modules & themes on the Drupal site or you may reconstruct from the fresh copies as per your preference.
  • Upload files directory and the similar directories to the desired location, while editing the .sql file.
  • Create an empty database for Drupal and name it. Upload & import the SQL data. If you are unable to create the database, you can utilize the tools on your host’s control panel or even take some professional assistance.
  • Check the status report through “reports” option under Administer and run Cron manually, if suggested by Drupal.
  • Your new website will now look and operate virtually similar to the previous one. You can change the theme or theme colors according to your needs.
  • Set the performance parameters according to your requirements through “Site Configuration” option under Administer.
  • Once everything is checked, turn off the site-maintenance mode.


Drupal allows you to make significant changes to your website requiring little to no coding. Due to its open source nature, a number of user-created plug-ins are available free of cost. Its expanding database shows significant rise in the count of people, who are migrating to Drupal from other platforms. Shifting a website to different platform is not an easy task. Therefore, it is essential to keep the above-mentioned things in mind, while migrating your website to Drupal.

E Commerce Responsive Magento Themes

Constructing an e-commerce website with vibrant features and functionalities has been simplified and yet kept chic by Magento themes. No wonder this e-commerce designing platform has gained popularity so rapidly. Here are responsive and cater all types of small and big businesses. The themes allow developing e-stores with lots of elements: multi stores, transaction options, product display options, product categories, and much more.   Are you planning an e-commerce site with responsive themes? I have listed 5 outstanding responsive Magento themes below. Have a look:


Perfectum theme

Perfectum is a global responsive Magento theme suitable for all types of shop requiring fresh designs. It uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features. The admin panel allows navigation easily. The configuration choices are also plenty letting the user alter all desired in the theme. Controlling theme colors is made easy with 500+ amazing fonts, 200 pattern backgrounds and different theme setting and effects. This theme is compatible with Magento Edition:,,,,,, and 1.8.x   Key features:

  • “Sale” badge for discounted products
  • “New” badge for new products
  • Wishlist, Add To Cart, Turn off Compare and More Buttons
  • Scroll to top button
  • Image effect with Cloud Zoom
  • Multi language
  • Multi Currency
  • Free PSD theme files included
  • JQuery enhanced theme
  • Compatible with different browser


maxi magento theme image

 Maxxi is a versatile theme that caters to gadgets, fashion or many kinds of e-shops. It is fully responsive with CSS3 light theme. Compatible with Magento: 1.6x, 1.7x and 1.8x. It enables one click installation and can be easily customized.   Key features:

  • Innumerable color options
  • Google Font backing
  • Product Quick View
  • Ajax Add To Cart, Ajax scroll
  • Edit product image size
  • Product hover effect
  • “New” and “Sale” label
  • Recaptcha
  • PSD files integrated
  • Multi-color setting for navigation



image exdress theme magento

Exdress is a striking Magento theme. By designing an e-commerce theme like Exdress the developers have ensured that the clients stay on the site for longer period of time. It can be installed with one click. Exdress supports Magento, 1.6x. 1.7x, 1.8.0.   Key Features:

  • One click installation
  • Displays top product on homepage
  • Displays sales product on homepage
  • Displays top brand on homepage
  • Adaptable products slider
  • Separate tab for “new” and ‘sales” products
  • Zoom features for product
  • Filter category by dropdown search
  • Extensive static blocks editable in admin menu
  • Customizable with layered PSD
  • Flexible menu features


image buyshop Magento theme

BuyShop is one of the most popular e-commerce Magento themes. The theme is constructed in such a way that it allows customization and personalization of an e-commerce site. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 features. One click installation is possible.   Key features:

  • SEO friendly design
  • Compatible with every Magento SEO features
  • Responsive retina magenta theme
  • 4 layouts: Basic, Amazing, iStore and Dark
  • 2 mega menu options–number of columns can be adjusted
  • Includes both HTML and PSD version
  • Infinite fonts, colors, backgrounds and textures
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Facebook and Twitter connect
  • Ajax Add to Cart, Wishlist, Compare, toolbar sort/paging. Manually enable/disable this feature
  • Multistore slider
  • 3 to 6 products per row
  • Insert YouTube url for Video (optional)
  • Supports 12 languages
  • Installation is free


image precise magento

Precise is a multipurpose, responsive, retina ready Magento theme. Though more suited to fashion, art and creativity stores, it is useful for all e-commerce sites.   Key features:

  • 3 layouts: Boxed, Wide and Standard
  • 6 homepage styles, 9 Header variants and 3 Footer variants
  • Unlimited colors, patterns and sidebars
  • “New” and ‘Sale” badge for products
  • Cloud Zoom
  • Multi language and multi currency
  • Compatible with various browsers
  • Customizable
  • PSD and HTML files integrated. 70 HTML files added
  • Bootstrap compatible
  • Mega icon set

Go try them and enhance your product sales!

Some other Magento Development related Article:-

Why Magento Is Ideal Platform For Custom Development: 5 Reasons

The e-commerce revolution has always been active and growing rapidly since past few years. No doubt, Magento has taken it to an entire new level. This robust software has gained popularity for its dynamic features and extensive capabilities. Magento has achieved greater respect in the developers’ community as it offers enormous benefits and makes it easy for them to focus on the other aspects of the e-commerce portal that they are developing. With regular updates, things are balanced for greater heights.

Magento customization features are different from the typical e-commerce solutions and allow you to build the most suitable configuration that ensures better user experience. This open source software simplifies the tasks of website administrators by assisting them to generate the idea about the products & services that can produce maximum interest among the people. This further helps them channelize more resources on that specific service.

What Makes Magento The Best Choice For Customization

Fully Open-source

Being an open source e-commerce platform, Magento allows the programmers to access every line of code to view exactly how it works. This opens up the world of possibilities for customization, enabling you to entirely modify Magento CMS according to your unique requirements. Magento can be easily customized to match the specific business requirements, even you can make changes in the selected product and enhance your product cart.

Multi-store Capabilities

With a single database & single installation, Magento allows you to establish multiple storefronts. This enables you to own a store for each and every country you operate in, with that currency. Even, it is possible to restrict certain products or services to the distinct countries, have distinct pricing per country as well as establish different promotions for each one. Amazingly, Magento can redirect the visitors to the respective country’s store automatically, whenever someone visits your store. This functionality works well in case, you want to establish an online wholesale store in addition to the retail operations.

Useful Extensions

Magento offers thousands of free and paid plug-ins that help extent the functionality of your online e-commerce store. There is a great community of developers, which always comes up with the new ways to boost the functionality of Magento. A few examples of Magento extensions are Quickbooks integration, Multi-Warehouse inventory management, shipping price calculators for Canada Post, Fedex, UPS and others.

Customer Service Tools

Customer service is one of the crucial aspects that requires special attention, while running an e-commerce store. Since, it is impossible to have face-to-face interaction with the diverse customers, you need to set up seamless communication channels for email or phone for proper interaction. Magento offers an incredible feature that allows you to identify various things, providing a great up-sell opportunity, when a call lands in the sales centre. Whenever a customer calls at your sales centre, you can easily identify that who they are, what they have in their cart at the same moment, even you can see the products or services viewed by them either currently or ten days ago.


Magento software works fine with mobile devices, whether it is through mobile browser or an application built with their in-store mobile application maker. Through the Magento admin interface, you can easily develop a customized iOS or Android app quickly and can be downloaded to place the orders in an efficient manner.


The customers are often concerned about the fact that whether their passwords and card numbers are getting intercepted. Therefore, security is a critical feature that requires utmost care. Magento utilizes SSL empowered encryption technique that ensures highest security of transactions. Also, it allows you to make various updates any time. The shopping carts are available in different types & sizes, enabling you to manage your single offering in multiple stores.


Thus, this reliable platform includes several useful features, like user login, secured payment gateways, excellent shopping cart and even more. Users can simply browse the products & services and further compare them online without any obstacles.

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Redesign Your Online Brand Identity in Five Simple Steps

When you venture into any market, you have to differentiate your company from others to draw the attention of customers, and you need to emotionally connect with them to develop a loyal customer base. The problem is your competitors are trying to do the same.

People are so used to the term “we are the best in the business” that they simply ignore phrases that claim superiority. Branding is essential to differentiate your company from others. Note that you don’t have to be “the best”; you just have to be unique.

When we hear the term branding and brand identity, the first image that pops in our mind is the corporate logo. Certainly, logo is a major part of brand identity, but it is not the only element. Graphic designing, colour combination, font selection, style of the website template and brochure; all play key roles in the entire branding process. However, at times, even when you think that you did the right thing, your brand image fails to connect with the target audience.

The Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer and a client hired you to redesign his brand identity, then here are some steps you can follow to create a refreshing brand image of your client’s business.

# Form a clear brand strategy: You must discuss with the client about his business to understand the personality and purpose of his company. Brand strategy works best when it derives from a relevant truth about a business.

For example, Mercedes-Benz sells premium cars only and their “best or nothing” tag-line clearly defines what their business is all about. Basically, you are not re-inventing the brand. Instead, you are re-discovering the strengths of the company that have been either forgotten or hidden.

# Define the work: The client and the designer must agree about the scope of work. You may think small tweaks in the web design can revive brand identity while a client may think that the entire site need to be redesigned to reflect the proper brand image.

So, you should sit together and discuss the plan. Unless the client and designer are on the same page, the outcome can’t be good. Always remember that your client knows about his business better than you and hence, it is intelligent to pay heed to his suggestions.

# Team up with marketing department: Once you know what the business is all about and what they want to project to the audience through the logo, web design and graphic design, you should talk with the marketing team to gather some information about the target audience. Which segment of the society are they targeting? What is the financial condition of that segment? What appeals to them emotionally?

Knowing these things are important because the previous brand identity failed to connect with your target audience. Your design should create a brand identity that will not only reflect what the business is all about, but also what makes the business the “preferred one” of the target consumers.

# Tell the brand story: People like a brand that has a story to tell. Just think about Amazon logo. The arrow shows A to Z to tell viewers that this is a brand that sells A to Z products. Think what can be your brand story and incorporate that in the website design and logo to connect with consumers.

A good brand story establishes an emotional connection between the seller and the buyer. There are plenty of e-commerce sites, but when customers visit Amazon, they know that they will get all the things they need.

# Maintain consistency: When you are redesigning the brand identity of a company, it is important to maintain design consistency in all the marketing materials. The current brand identity elements like website colours and logo may not appeal to customers, but they are used to with them. Therefore, when you bring a change in the look and feel of your client’s brand, make sure that the new image is reflected everywhere.

For instance, the brochure is an offline marketing medium, but since you have changed the web design and tweaked the logo for a new identity, the person responsible for brochure designing should follow the same core elements of the new brand identity in his layout.

Brochure Design

Once the new brand identity is designed, you have to give it some time to work. Don’t forget that people don’t always welcome change immediately. You have to give them some time to love the new website design, logo and other branding elements. If you have done your research properly and did a good job as a graphic designer, people are bound to welcome the change.